HR and Employment

HR System


Ideal candidates

Welfare and benefits

Education support (education cost support for self-development or work-related training)
Children’s tuition support
Leave and monetary support for major family events (weddings, funerals, etc.)
Support with condolence items
Wreath/mourning flowers
Reward for long-term employment
In-company club activity funding
Home purchase loans
Gifts(Lunar New Year, Chuseok, Labor Day, birthday)

Hiring Overview

  • DCM is always hiring new talented individuals..
  • General information on employment are as follows.

Hiring period and methods

  • Regular hiring: Announced in the first and second half of every year
  • Special hiring: Hiring whenever vacancies open (new and experienced)
  • Hiring method: Hiring ads shall be posted on newspapers, school recommendation requests, hiring websites, notice on homepage, etc.
  • Person scheduled to graduate or graduates / persons who completed or were exempted from military service and having no issues with traveling abroad

Employment procedure

Submit application 1st review (document) 2nd review (interview) Hiring

Employment sector

Management support sector Planning, HR, general affairs, purchasing, data processing, accounting, funding, etc.
Domestic and foreign sales sector Steel sales, film sales: export activities, performance management, client management, etc.
Production technology sector Manufacturing and production, production planning and performance management, process improvement, technology data investigation and analysis, production management, machine design, etc.
Quality management sector Quality specification and standards management, quality system operation, claim processing, etc.
Equipment management sector Equipment preservation, facility improvement, energy management, maintenance technology standardization, etc.
R&D sector Research and development, etc.
Real estate development Real estate development work, lease management, etc.

Documents to be submitted

  • Employment application - free format
  • Copy of certificates, language certificates (if applicable)

Submission method

  • Mail, e-mail

Hiring inquiries