Sustainable Management

Ethical Management


DCM Corporation shall designate "Company loved by customers" as the corporate philosophy and vows to use it as the judgment standard and implement it in all decision-making and actions in business activities.

DCM Corporation shall comply with ethical, fair competition, and labor-management related laws for its continuous development, and shall pursue responsible management for its employees, customers, vendors, shareholders, and society.

Responsibility to
Responsibility to company members Responsibility to
Responsibility to
customers and vendors

Rule of ethics

DCM Corporation shall, in order to comply with its code of ethics, enact a rule of ethics to provide proper judgment standards for decision-making and ethics for its employees and enroot in them a goal for sustainable growth.

  • Realize responsible management that contributes to society through fair corporate management
  • Practice responsible management for company members that practices fair employment, evaluation and reasonable compensation through labor-friendly management
  • Pursue management policies that prioritize shareholder interests and provide proper information to implement responsible management to shareholders
  • Construct fair transactional relations to practice fair responsible management to customers and vendors

Execution guideline

DCM Corporation enacted a guideline to practice the rule of ethics to provide ethical standards for decision-making and judgment procedures.

1. Responsibility to society

  • Comply with environmental regulations and eco-friendly management from the product development stage to its manufacturing stage.
  • Contribute to the development of the community by continuously creating jobs and through social contribution activities.
  • Fulfill responsibility of paying taxes according to the standards prescribed by law.

2. Responsibility to company members

Fair personnel policies
  • Employees with personnel authorities shall pursue object and fair personnel policies by excluding personal emotions in the HR procedures ranging from employment to evaluations, promotion, etc.
Privacy protection
  • Personal information (resident no., contact no.) of employees shall never be disclosed externally. However, this shall not apply if the employee agrees to do so.
  • Department employees who handle personal information of employees in the company must have knowledge on laws related to protecting personal information and must receive handler training regularly.
Fair member relations
  • A subordinate may not give personal gifts to superiors with the goal of affecting promotions and personnel evaluations. However, it shall be fine for a superior to give gifts to subordinates for encouragement or motivation.
Prohibition of unfair profits
  • The company's budget cannot be used in any unauthorized way for personal gain.
  • Regardless of job relations or seeking compensation, monetary rewards (cash, gift certificates) or entertainment shall not be requested or received from stakeholders and vendors.
  • The company shall pursue a zero-tolerance policy for employees who requested or received money, etc. from stakeholders or vendors.
Protection of whistleblowers
  • Whistleblowers who report employee corruption, etc. are not subject to any disadvantages in accordance with the whistleblower protection guidelines, and whistleblowers are treated completely anonymously so that anyone can report inside.
Information security
  • Information generated while carrying out duties shall not be disclosed or leaked without the approval of the company, and may not be used for personal gain.

3. Responsibility to shareholders

Shareholder profit contribution
  • Efforts shall be made to realize wholesome profits through cost savings, improved productivity, and reasonable investments.
  • Unfair stock transactions through insider information shall be blocked and management information such as financial status must be provided diligently.

4. Responsibility to customers and vendors

Win-win cooperation
  • We shall construct fair transactional relations with customers and vendors, and cooperate diligently for mutual development.
  • Payments shall be made accurately on the appointed days to maintain the healthy financial status for vendors.
Maintaining transaction transparency
  • We shall not make any personal requests or exercise pressure in any way or form in the relationship with vendors.
  • By principle, do not request money, entertainment, etc. to vendors and meals shall be eaten at the cafeteria when possible.
Protection of unfair transaction whistleblowers
  • The company shall announce that no unfair transactions or wrongful money, etc. will be requested for any reason to stakeholders and vendors, and allow persons to freely blow the whistle when unfair transactions occur.
  • The company shall diligently investigate reports on unfair transactions and the whistleblower shall be kept thoroughly anonymous to prevent any disadvantages resulting from blowing the whistle.
All employees at DCM Corporation shall construct a transparent transaction relationship through ethical management, which is the platform for sustainable growth, and shall maintain the highest level of transparency.