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DCM leads living innovation
with Eco Design Material

New technologies that open the door to the future,
Leading the new steel age.

The fast changes of technologies require challenges of companies through ceaseless transformations and new products. DCM stands in the midst of such changes and is working hard to respond with outstanding quality and prompt delivery to clients.
We print various patterns and colors on sheets made with synthetic resins like PVC, PP, PET, etc. to produce laminated steel plates (VCM) bonded onto steel plates and it is supplied for the exterior of household appliances, inside ships, frozen panels, and for other construction materials and furniture.

Furthermore, the SUS Look Metalon products that were completed based on our proprietary technologies, we upgraded our color steel plate production technologies up a step and thus have production capacities upward of 100,000 tons a year to respond to the various needs of customers.

The technologies and know-how that DCM accumulated over a long period of time will be the foundation for improving the product competitiveness and for the success of our client companies in the future.


Company that leads lifestyle improvements with ECODESIGN materials


Creative Value By 2021
Specialized maker of eco-friendly/functional laminated steel and compound materials