Sustainable Management

Environmental Management


DCM environmental management policies

DCM Corporation aims at becoming an eco-friendly company that minimizes environmental changes throughout its entire process including product design, manufacturing and disposal.
In order to preserve the natural environment and contribute to the community, compliance with environmental laws and continuous environmental improvement were set as the environmental management policies, and they are being put into practice.

  • 1

    Establish and implement an environmental management system according to the conditions of KS I ISO 14001:2015

  • 2

    Reflect domestic and international environmental laws and regulations and requirements of international agreements in the environmental management system, which shall be exercised by all employees, and problems shall be continuously addressed and improved

  • 3

    All employees shall be directly responsible for the environment at their respective positions and shall understand the company’s environmental policies and set and execute the environmental goals

  • 4

    In manufacturing products, the best method shall be used to minimize use of energy and generation of wastes, and efforts shall be made to recycle, while setting up goals and striving to realize them in daily work

  • 5

    Environmental policies shall be shared and practiced by all the persons concerned

Environmental management implementation and directions of DCM