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장고 door, 에어컨 전면 패널, UBR, 세탁기, 자판기케이스, 캐비닛, 철제 가구, 쌀통케이스


    Use CR(Cold Rolled), EGI(Electro-Galvanized Iron) or GI(Galvanized Iron) steel sheet.
    Thickness of 0.4-1.2mm width of 830mm- 1,350mm as a standard. Other width sizes are
    available on request. Aluminum is also available.
    EGI(Electro-Galvanized Iron) has zinc plate in thickness of 20g/20g per square meters normally.
    GI has also zinc coating on its surface.

    Chemically treated to improve anti-corrosive and adhesive.

    Special glue makes anti-corrosion, Good adhesion, and have excellent durability(10-15㎛).

    Beautifully finished with variety of colors and patterns.Thickness varies between 12-300㎛
    depends on items.

     DLME is made of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) resin or Poly Propylene(P.P).

    Protect the surface, film made of Poly Ethylene resin.(40-60㎛).

    Vessel compatment, Wall coverings, UBR, PC case, Doors, Micro Wave Oven case,
    Audio/Video case, Freezer door, Furniture, Ceiling panel, Elevator, Locker, KItchen,
    VCR/DVD case, Furniture, etc.